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Students’ Organisations Committed to Fighting Injustice

New Delhi (12.08.11): Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) organized an Iftar Get-together for leaders of different students’ organisations at the SIO Headquarters, New Delhi in which the leaders unanimously proclaimed that they are committed to fighting the injustice being faced by the student community and the society at large.

Mohd. Azharuddin, President, SIO in his presidential address reached out to the leaders with the message of Ramadan. Patience, perseverance and commitment come through self disciplining which is the prime objective of fasting in Ramadan, he said. He further added that the collaboration of students irrespective of the affiliations and ideologies is the only way out to fetch the desired results for which the organizations are functioning.

Student leaders from various organisations and ideologies shared a common platform as they discussed the contemporary students’ issues and the very much debated, Lokpal Bill. On the agenda were also issues of Foreign Universities Bill, commercialization of education and social justice in education sector. Being students’ organisations the focus of discussions remained the education policies of the country and the needs of the students’ fraternity.

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