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Students Manifesto

Students Manifesto is released by Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO). The prevailing concept of education as defined by mainstream society is mere information gathering; writing more and more exams, procuring certificates, and achieving better jobs.

In fact, education must embody meaning and the creation of the awareness of the spirit of life, its meaning and its goal, and in keeping with this philosophy a student is one who identifies his goals of life and attains them by drawing all the available acumen from his environment and synthesizing them in the development of his personality.

Mere information gathering and technical training disguised in the garb of education solely rests on the edifice of blatant materialism. This approach, which sterilizes thought, is the basic problem of life.  It hampers everything education aims for; a cultured man, a peaceful society, a hopeful future for mankind, and so. Instead, it limits education as the producer of market friendly products, and the student as a vehicle of placement- payment hopes.

The dignity and power of each society lies in the students it nurtures. A vigilant Student society with constructive thoughts on the prospects of the society and tread ahead it with much needed guidance is a real boon to every generation. Students were not only present in all momentous upheavals of history, but authored wonderful changes and added their own as well. All colonial and imperialist forces target students. To humble them is the easy way to make inroads into any society and hence all centres of power dread at the thought of student power.

SIO believes that a true student must engage bravely in all realms of thought and action discerning all modes and methods of authorities of the era. This manifesto is one such attempt. This is not a party election manifesto. This is a strong reminder from the part of student community to the political parties and candidates, that we will support only those who agree to the following demands:


1.       Education must not be treated as a commodity for sale. Commercialisation of education will lead to severe social imbalance. Legislation must be made at the central and state level declaring the admission policy of private institutions and regulate the fees of private educational institutions.

2.       Student Politics and elections must be allowed in all campuses subjected to the code of conduct laid by the Lingdoh commission.

3.       Democratic rights of Students must be ensured in all Educational institutions. Student fascism in campuses must be curbed.

4.       Right to Education must be made the fundamental right of every citizen. It must be ensured that free, compulsory and quality education is provided to all children up to the age of 14.

5.       At least 6% of total GDP must be allocated for education.

6.       The national and state education policy must be reviewed at least at every 10 years.

7.       A regulatory law must be enacted to control the negative social and cultural effects of foreign direct investment in education.

8.       Deemed universities have transformed in to mere commercial centres. The present guidelines related to deemed universities must be reviewed in such a way that only those institutions which meet the set superior parameters get approval.

9.       The vacancies of teachers must be filled as soon as possible. Appointment must be on regular basis.

10.   The Waqf properties must be protected and directed towards education and welfare activities of minorities.

11.   Text books are used as dyes on which a whole generation is moulded. In a country which holds secularism as its creed, it must be ensured that due respect is given to diversity, pluralism, equity and justice. All text books spreading communal hatred and prejudices must be eliminated.

12.   State level boards must be formed for free training of youths of socially backward sections of the society.

13.   True investigations must be done on all the recent blast incidences and arrests of innocents. Special laws must be made to end human rights violations and communal witch-hunting under such circumstances

14.   Ragging must be taken as a serious offense. The recommendations made by the Raghavan committee, appointed by the Supreme Court and the current rules must be implemented.

15.   Current laws for curbing alcohol and drugs in campuses must be implemented.

16.   Child labour must be strictly abolished.

17.   Special facilities to get education and employment for women, dalits and adivasis must be ensured.

18.    Promote a creative, free and fair atmosphere within the premises of educational campuses by which multi-dimensional personalities could develop.

19.   The recommendations made by Ranganatha Mishra Commission for 15% reservation for the religious minorities, of which 10% exclusively for Mulsims must be implemented as soon as possible.

20.   Form an autonomous Assessment and Monitoring Authority to evaluate the extent of development benefits, as recommended by Sachar Committee report.

21.    Ensure proper implementation of 27% OBC reservation in Central Educational Institutions; extend OBC reservation to private educational institutions.

22.   Minority status of Jamia Millia Islamia & Aligarh Muslim University should be recognized.

23.    High school curricula should be adapted for Practical Learning and less memorization.

24.   Affirmative actions must be adopted by the government to resolve the unemployment created by global economic meltdown.

25.    Strict Laws should be formulated to promote the just ethical use of all technological means among student community. Porn websites should be banned.


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