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Students’ Charter

Students’ charter




·         Become a Student of Change & Challenge towards a Positive & Constructive Purpose.


·         Responsibility of Learning is the Distinguishing Feature of Student Life.


·         First Lesson to be learnt by a Student is the Art of Humility.


·         Student is the Instrument of Divinity, his Aim being Upholding the Justice.  




·         It is the Most Powerful Weapon to Change the World.


·         Its Aim is to Gain the Knowledge… not of Events, but of Values.


·         It is for Improving the Lives of Others, Serving the Society and ultimately Leaving the Community better than we found it.


·         It makes people Easy to Lead, but Difficult to Drive; Easy to Govern, but Impossible to Enslave.


·         It enables a man to find the Truth of Universe, Aim of Life & Human Beings itself.






·         Campus is the Most Basic Unit in Nation Building.


·         Real Responsibility of Campus is the Creation of Righteous, Dynamic & Committed Human Beings, not Slaves for the Market Economy.


·         It must Create an Atmosphere of Tolerance and Constructive Dialogue of Ideas & Values.


·         Campus is not a Canteen with some Classrooms attached; Canteen is also a Classroom with some Healthy Discussions attached.



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