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Stop Fighting in Campuses: SIO’s Serious Urge

Kolkata, Dec 19: The West Bengal Chapter of the Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) has expressed serious concern over the murder of a student and injury of several others at Prabhu Jagatbandhu College of Andul in the district of Howrah. Br. Sarwar Hassan, the State President said that a considerable number of colleges have become playhouses of evil forces. Instead of studying and practicing peaceful democracy, students of various political groups engage in racism and fighting.  This evil practice creates a bad image of student politics which is no doubt healthy for students in specific and society in general. He also added that peaceful, creative and learning environment should always be maintained in the campuses. In this context, SIO strongly demands that the government must take necessary actions to root out the elements that are responsible for creating disruption, unrest and panic in the campuses.


Sk.Khurshid Alam.
PR. Secretary
SIO West Bengal Zone



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