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Stop arresting of innocent youth without proper evidence – SIO Bihar

SIO Bihar has organised a rally “To Stop arresting of innocent youth without proper evidence. It has started in patna from Radio Station to R.Block via Dak Banglow Chowk, Railway Station and GPO. A majority of students have participated. at last a memorandum is submitted to Governor of Bihar and Chief minister of Bihar. this rally also has been organised at different districts of Bihar such as Katihar, Muzaffarpur and Saharsa.


On behalf of the SIO and Civil society, we the undersigned wish to bring to the attention of the chain of detaining and arresting innocent Muslim youths in the name of counter terrorism has been going on in different parts of the for a long time. On one hand the police and other government agencies arrest innocent Muslim youths under serious charges while on the other the media project them, much before their trial in courts of law, as veteran terrorists. As a result, their lives and the lives of their respective families are ruined and their entire families are shattered.

But when these cases are heard in courts of law, the police and investigating agencies fail rather miserably to prove the allegations they love to level against innocent Muslim youths and after suffering incarceration for as long as 20 years behind bars the courts declare them innocent and acquit them. In the past decade hundreds of Muslim youth arrested under charges of terror attacks have been declared as innocents and released from jail. In many cases courts have castigated the police and intelligence agencies for filing false cases and fabrication of evidence. But during this period, the cream of their life is ruined, their houses and families are destroyed, and their relations and friends stand alienated. In these circumstances the acquitted Muslim youths see only dark future ahead.

In this context we demands:

1. Remove Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA), POTA, Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) and all draconian laws

2. Provision of Day-today Judicial Trial of ‘terrorism’ cases

3. Free and fair investigation and end bias in law enforcement

4. Make accountable Intelligence Bureau (IB), Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS), Special Cells of Police and other security agencies

5. Stop custodial torture by police and intelligence agencies

6. Action against personnel of investigation agencies responsible for fabrication of evidence against innocents

7. Compensation to and rehabilitation of the innocents

8. To direct the police and other agencies to keep in view the Supreme Court guidelines and human rights before and during detaining a person

9. Stop Media trial

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