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SIO West Bengal March to Resume SSE


The school service examination was terminated as a result hundreds of schools languish in lack of teacher. Quality education announcement of RTE Act 2009 haven’t yet implemented practically.  The number of unemployed youth has increased, resulting in restlessness and their involvement in anti-social activities. Eligible candidates are worried of crossing their age limit for the Examination. In this situation West Bengal chapter of SIO organized a marches and rallies on 21st February near the bus stand of Kaliachak, Maldah against Central and Sate government.

SIO claims:

  1. The eligible candidates should be appointed to all educational institutions in the state that has immediate vacancies.
  2. As long as the government is ensuring the infrastructure of B.ED,it should not be kept mandatory.
  3. Teacher learning process should be officially guaranteed and readily available.
  4. Intervention of the state government towards the problem created on B.ED and to be resolved quickly.

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