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SIO urges Govt to take strong steps to curb Rapes

Gang rapes, murders and other atrocities on women are increasing across the nation. The recent incidents in Badaun (UP) and Barmer (Rajasthan) are just a few examples. “The people and law and order, particularly in Uttar Pradesh are in deep trouble, said National President, Students Islamic Organisation of India, Ashfaq Ahmed in a press release today.

He said that SIO is working in collaboration with various human rights activists and organisations in this struggle for justice and security of women. He condemned the behavior of Police personnel, who, instead of maintaining law and order, are assisting criminals.

One of the major reasons for rapes in rural areas is cited as lack of toilet facilities. “While the State Government is projecting the dream of a Hi-tech UP, its neglect of domestic sanitation and lack of public and private toilet facilities is a big question on a civilized society”, he said.

Further, he urged UP State Government to strictly punish the culprits and reinstate the law and order across the state. He also demanded a CBI enquiry of all the recent crimes against women. “Safety of its citizens, particularly women and children is the responsibility of the state”, he said.

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