Lead couldn’t last long as Afzal scored in the 16th minute of the second half. The second half ended with the score board reading 1-1. The match was decided with the penalty shootout in which West Bengal scored 2, while Rest of India couldn’t score any.


Kerala defeated Bihar in a thriller. The crowd witnessed one of the best games in the tournament so far. At the close of the scheduled time the score board read 0-0. The match was decided through penalty shootouts in which Kerala scored 4 and Bihar managed to score only 1. The Grand finals will be played tomorrow at 4PM. Mohammed Sufeel, Jafar, Mohammed K.B and Jamsheer scored goals for Kerala, while Mohmood Alam of Bihar scored one goal for his team.

Match 12

Karnataka knocked out of SIO Reformation Cup 2010

Though Karnataka managed to draw its last league encounter against Bihar, they were out of the tournament as they could manage only 6 points out of 3 games. Bihar held their nerves together in the final minutes of the game, consequently confirmed their place in the semi finals.

It looked as if Karnataka would dominate Bihar when Imran scored the goal in the second minute of the game. But their dreams were shattered when Shamsheer Alam of Bihar scored at the 18th minute of the game. Bihar will now face Kerala in the semi finals later this evening

Match 11

Rest of India beat Rajastan

In a group B match Rest of India defeated Rajasthan by a convincing 4-1 margin. Alfaz, Sabeeh, Imran and Shafeeq scored 1 goal each, while Rajasthan managed to score one goal in the second half. This victory placed ROI into the semi finals. They are likely to play against West Bengal in the semi finals

Match 10

West Bengal beat Tamil Nadu

West Bengal in a group A match defeated Tamil Nadu by a huge margin of 3-0. Zamir scored for Bengal in the 2nd minute of the first half to take a lead, Ilyas scored the second goal for Bengal in the 24th minute of the game to comfortably see through the first half

Tamil Nadu failed to restrict team Bengal even in the second half. Zamir once again scored a goal to comfortably take his team to the semis. West Bengal now stands at the top of Group A.

Match 9

Rest of India upset GoaRest of India gave a shocker to Goa by scoring a goal in the final moments of the second half. In the first half Goa were comfortably placed with the lead of one goal; however Zeeshan of ROI scored in the 12th minute of the second half to equalize the score board. The score board read 1-1 until the 23rd minute of the second half. There was a complete turnaround in the game when Zeeshan once again scored a goal 2 minutes prior to the closing time. With this victory ROI has every chance of reaching the top 4 stage.

Match 8

Kerala Beat Rajastan 4-1In a group B match Kerala defeated Rajasthan by a convincing 4-1 margin. Rajasthan started positively by scoring in the 23rd minute of the first half. Arbaz by scoring the first goal gave a shock to the Kerala side, few minutes later Mohammed K.B scored a goal to conclude the first half with 1-1

The second half of the game favored the keralites as they scored 3 goals and entered the semi final stage unbeaten. Kerala won all the three matches of the league stage. Jamsheer was the top scorer of the match with two goals, while Afnaz and Mohammed K.B scored 1 goal each.

Match 7

Karnataka Defeat Tamil Nadu 1-0

Mangalore: Karnataka won a hard fought game against Tamil Nadu today. Azhar Ali the skipper of Karnataka secured the 1-0 win with his first goal of the tournament! This win keeps the chances open for Karnataka to get into the top 4 position.

Azhar Ali scored his goal, in the 20th minute of the second half. It was a great goal that undoubtedly boosted Karnataka’s confidence after a rough first game. Though Tamil Nadu had several chances to score goals, it couldn’t make the optimum utilization of the opportunities. Now Karnataka stands at No 3 position in the Group A. Karnataka will play Bihar in its final encounter of the league stage tomorrow

Match 6

Bihar and West Bengal match drawn

The match between West Bengal and Bihar ended up in draw. The crowd witnessed a thrilling encounter in the closing game of the day. Both the teams share two points each and share the top positions in the A group. The crowd saw some very anxious moments in the game with their fingers crossed till the very end. Overall the match ended in a nail biting finish.

Match 5

Kerala beat Rest of India 5-0

Kerala in a Group B Match achieved a convincing victory over Rest of India. Kerala scored 5 goals in the first half with Mohammed K.B scoring 4 goals and shabeeb scoring 1 goal. Kerala now tops the group B with 8 points in their bag. Rest of India had a few opportunities to score goals but was unsuccessful in converting those into goals. Mohammed K.B stand at the top at the table for highest goals.

Match 4

Goa defeats Rajastan by 2-0

In a group B match Goa outplayed Rajastan by 2-0. Hussain Ashfaq scored a penalty in the 7th minute of the first half to take a early lead over Rajastan. Ashfaq once again stroke at the 18th minute of the second to take his team to a comfortable victory over Rajastan. Hussain Ashfaq with his 2 goals shares top position along with Aftab of Bihar for highest goal scorers in the tournament so far.

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