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SIO Promotes Value Inclusive Education Philosophy

Pune(Nov.20,2011): Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) organized a 2 days National Seminar on the theme ‘Philosophy of Knowledge and Education’ at the HITECH Hall, Azam Campus, Pune, Maharashtra.

At Presidential address of seminar, P M Salih, Secretary General, SIO, criticized the current structure of education which creates blind careerism, self-centrism and make human slaves of desires whereas education should make the students a man of values & innovative thoughts and make him/her socially responsible.

SIO is discussing various philosophies and working to promote value inclusive Philosophy of Knowledge & Education. He told at the time of Prophet Mohammad, mosque was not just a place of worship, it was also the center of Education where Rational sciences, Geometry, Metaphysics, Natural, Social and Medical sciences were taught. Participation of women and every religious community was encouraged. The education which creates Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Veitnam cannot lead man to progressive world.

Addressing the participants from across the country, Mr. P.A. Inamdar, President, Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society said “Emotions work only if they’re triggered with intelligence”. He further spoke about the importance of the maintaining faith in Indian Constitution while progressing in the educational field. Mr. Inamdar was the Chief Guest at the Inaugural function of the seminar.
Speaking at the inaugural function as a guest, Dr. G.M. Nazeruddin, Principal, Poona College of Arts, Science & Commerce, Pune questioned the present societal law of creating a problem and then trying to solve it. The author of ‘Spritual Pollution is responsible for Environmental Pollution’, Dr. Nazeruddin said “If the education acquired by an individual is of no benefit to the society then the individual is equivalent to being uneducated”.

Prof. Hifz-ur-Rehman, Principal, Dr. Shashi Bushan College of Education, Hailakandy, Assam presented the epistemological, antological and exiological components of Philosophy. He spoke on the topic ‘Revisiting the Philosophies of Western Philosophers’ and discussed the philosophies of Plato, Aristotle, Karl Marx, Bertrand Russell, John Dewey, Paulo Fierre, Ivan Illich, Jacques Derrida & Michael Foucault. Prof. Hifz-ur-Rehman also spoke on the topic ‘Objectives of Education in Islam: Is Approaching Education with Career Perspective an Obsession’. He said that knowledge is the path for better livelihood and the purpose of Education in Islam is to create better humans.

Addressing the participants on the topic ‘Market  v/s  State: Who is Responsible’, Dr. C. P. Shaheed Ramzan, Professor of Economics, Govt. College, Calicut said, “Both Government and the Market share the responsibility of providing education to the masses”. He very elaborately distinguished the merits and demerits of the contemporary education provided by the public sector as well as the private sector.

Sadatullah Hussaini, Former President, SIO speaking to the participants from Hyderabad via video conferencing dealt with the topic ‘Revisiting the Philosophies of Muslim Philosophers’. He discussed the philosophical contributions of Ibn Sina, Ibn Taymiyah, Imam Ghazali, Abul Ala Maududi, Ali Shariati, Ismail Raji Farooqi & Sir Sayed to the field of education.

Prof. Ram Puniyani, Former Professor, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai addressed the participants on the topic ‘Driving Inspirations for the Right Wing’. He said that the right wing politics is taking the form of fascism and the younger generations should unitedly raise their voice against this political agenda.
While addressing the students on the topic ‘Sexuality, Gender & Morality:  Norms  v/s  Texts’ Prof. P.K. Abdur Rahiman, Professor, Madras University, Tamil Nadu dealt extensively on the question gender and practical implications in the contemporary society. He said that the gender difference and patriarchal system is very visible in the society today while the Quran says that the difference is based only on piety whether men or women.

Prof. Vaishali Kamerkar, Professor, MIT, Pune very elaborately addressed the students of the topic ‘Quality Research: Themes and Methods’. During her lecture Prof. Vaishali put forth the different components of research and the methods that one should comply with to gain the maximum benefit from the area of research.

“We have failed to give a practical solution except mere claims. The need is to present the Islamic teachings in new terminologies and style of presentation” claimed Dr. Badarul Islam, Principal, Iqra Boys Urdu High School, Aurangabad. He was speaking on the topic ‘Inter-disciplinary Research: Needs and Prospects’.

Munawar Peerbhoy, Chairman, Haji Gulam Mohd Azam Education Trust, Pune inaugurated the photo exhibition based on the philosophers who influenced the world.

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