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SIO President meets Minority Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid

in detail regarding the issue of Government Minority scholarship implementation, 27% reservation issue of Jamia Millia Islamia and the crisis of Aligarh Muslim University. Few states did not even publish the notification of scholarship. A course of action to solve the present problems in the implementation of Minority Scholarship scheme, to simplify the process and to make it more outreaching was suggested by the delegation, which was appreciated by the minister. SIO President also demanded that 27% OBC reservation must not be implemented in Jamia Millia Islamia, since it is a minority institute from its very beginning. the present crisis in AMU must urgently be solved amicably and democratically. SIO President strongly demanded that Aligarh Muslim University must Re-Open with discipline and democratic atmosphere.



Make Minorities Scholarship scheme more outreaching and hassle-free

Though being a positive and sincere step the scheme to an extent has not been successful in reaching the deserving rural and urban candidates of the country. On the very first year of its inception, the scheme was not advertised by the state authorities and scheme was going unnoticed. In Maharashtra, Bihar Jharkhand and also in various states SIO pressed the state governments to postpone the deadline by a month and also advertise it in all the newspapers widely read by the minorities. Apart from this, there are many hassles and procedures, at the local level, attached to it to which a common student can surely not sustain and get through the scheme.



The candidates have to face great hardship in getting the income certificate, at times some colleges the administration do not know about the scheme or they refuse to accept the forms only because they did not received any GR on it. On the other the pre-condition of opening a bank account has also been a major reason of students not being benefited from the scheme. There have been reports that scores of scholarships elapse because the authorities fail to publicized it on large scale.

AMU Must Re-Open with discipline and democratic atmosphere

We  expressed deep condolences over the murder of Shahnawaz Alam on 25th October and expressed concern over the increasing unrest in the campus. SIO demanded that there must be high level investigation of this murder with three months deadline. The university must re-open with immediate effect. SIO is ready to help the authorities to bring peace and tranquility in campus. Closure of the University will certainly affect the academic performance of university and also the upcoming semester examinations in medical and engineering faculties. It is quiet unfortunate that the issue of demand of resignation of VC has been mixed-up with the murder incident outside campus and was used to perpetrate violence, assault varsity officials and to disrupt academic activities.

SIO strongly demands that the real problems of the university must be identified and solved amicably with democratic procedures and discipline. It is a fact that more than quarter of the teaching staffs in University is not doing their job promptly. The laws which are present which makes it obligatory for all teachers to be present in the campus from 8am to 4:00pm are not being followed. Even the system to register attendance of teachers does not exist in the university. SIO also demands that all reforms must be made democratically and not in an autocratic style. The democratic rights of students to work in campus and to form students union must be allowed.

27% OBC reservation in Jamia Millia should not be implement in JMI:

It is a fact that Jamia Millia Islamia is by birth a minority institute in nature by all terms. An Institution established and administered by the minorities under clause (1) of the Article 30 of the Constitution. But a declaration or certification has not been made approving it a minority educational institute. At a time when massive agitations to certify it as a minority institute is being conducted, it is totally shocking for the whole Muslim community to know that 27% OBC reservation is going to be implemented in Jamia. We also would like to remind you of the decisions taken in meeting of VCs held on 14.05.2008 with Shri Arjun Singh, the then Union HRD Minister. It was decided that Jamia Millia Islamia shall not come within the purview of the recently notified reservation policy (27%) for OBCs on the basis of its unique historical character. (Ref.: AC-2008(III) Resolution I of JMI, Dated 15.05.08).

The Muslim backwardness in education is well known (especially after the tabling of the Sachhar Committee report). The government is talking about remedial measures such as opening of new educational institutions for Muslim minority. The minimum that the government can do, is to ensure that the minority status of the well known educational institutions established by Muslims, such as Jamia Millia Islamia, be clearly affirmed. The Government must take right action for building the confidence of Muslim Community in India considering the fact that Jamia Millia Islamia was set up for improving educational standards of Muslim community.

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