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SIO Mumbra’s Summer Islamic Camp concludes with great fervor



SIO Mumbra’s glorious Summer Islamic Camp (SIC) – 2014 concluded on 20th April 2014. The 7 days Camp started on 14th April 2014, attended by over 200 students at three different Circles/ Pockets of Mumbra, namely Amrut Nagar (Masjid Al-Furqaan), Tanwar Nagar (Masjid Al-Aqsa) and Shamshad Nagar.

Program for the students throughout the camp was so designed that they learn something new every day through the usage of various means and technology.


During the camp, students were mobilized with regular lessons and lectures on various topics of Islam. Br. Raees (SIO-Mumbra Secretary) shared motivated students while speaking on the topic “Childhood of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.)”. He urged them to take Prophet as a Role Model. Br. Hamidullah (SIO-Mumbra President) discussed the “Importance of Parents”. He said that we must remain loyal and honest to our parents, because our attitude towards them can take us to Paradise and undoubtedly to Hell as well.

Br. Zeeshan talked about the importance of Friendship in our Life. He explained how a righteous friend and a bad friend help in moulding our character. He said we should love our Friends for the sake of Allah and must be faithful towards them. Later, Br. Afeef spoke on the “Importance of Salah”, in which he explained the necessity of Salah and the importance of offering Salah on time.

Etiquette’s of Juma Salah was covered by Br. Hamidullah (SIO Mumbra President). Importance of Good Health and Hygiene was discussed by Br. Ziyaul Islam(SIO Member). He said we must exercise regularly and remain strong and healthy.

Apart from Speeches, a moral based Video Documentary was screened. There was also a session of various competitions such as Daily Quiz, Word Formation, Memory Power test, Drama, Drawing so as to promote healthy competitive skills and enhance IQ level.

Last Day of the Camp was devoted exclusively for Sports. Various outdoor games were played in two groups. Junior level played Running race, Book balancing and Tug of war while Senior level played KhoKho, Dodge Ball and Cricket.



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