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Sio MP east zone organised a symposium “Philosophy of Knwledge and education

Br Alif Shukoor (ZP , rsio AMU) was present as the chief speaker. Apart from him Dr K.N shukla (dean, thfaculty of arts, Rdvv) and George Noel sir (group director Sri Ram Instt Of Technology) also spoke on the topic.
Dr K.N shukla expresse his grief on the current educational scenario where the so called educated people are involved in the corruption of society. He told to audience that initially the aim of education was to attain salvation, but now it is just earning money.
George Noel sir explained to audience that education is much more than sitting in classrooms and attending lectures.
Knowledge is earned from the signs of  nature and from the examples of sages and also from elders.
Br alif discussed about the islamic philosophy of knowledge and described the importance of unity of knowledge. Knowledge and education are inseparable from morals and ethics. Unless we understand this concept , problem will persist in our society. The over all purpose of education is to build a socially and morally responsible human being who is God concious.
Many college students and teachers attended the programme.

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