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SIO Leaders launched logo of upcoming All India Conference at New Delhi.

Student Islamic organization of India has decided to conduct a national level conference under the central theme, “Reclaiming Dignity, Designing Future” on 23, 24 and 25 February 2018 at New Delhi.The proposed mega event is an effort to guide the youth to the right path and to orient their emotions in the right direction. The main message to be delivered is not to get disheartened by the circumstances, not to be panicky and not to get provoked either. No power in the universe can deprive us of the honour and position our Lord has bestowed on us.  If this honour is ever lost, it is lost because of our own misdeeds only.


We need to inculcate in ourselves the confidence that we are the last message of our lord in this world. We have the principles and values that the world desperately needs today.  We must move ahead confidently, to make this world a better place for all its inhabitants. Neither withdrawal from this responsibility is justified nor does our religion allow us to adopt extremist, violent or destructive means for our noble cause. Our mission to win the hearts and minds of people and we can do this by peacefully employing constructive means. Our values and principles are nothing but the voice of human conscience. They do possess great attraction and charm.  These values can make an end to all kinds of hatred and division; they can connect the hearts and can make an end to all ongoing trends of oppression, exploitation, division and discrimination. They can make friends out of enemies and can provide robust foundations for an ideal, peaceful and just society.


In the light of these dreams and values, let us design our own future. Let us set our eyes on our mission and destination and ignore all distractions and all temporal obstacles. Let us converge all our energies and focus on our desired future. If we do so, in sha Allah, the challenges will open up the new doors of opportunities and our destination itself will show us the path.

The conference will dwell deeply in the happenings around the world and the country and will pinpoint the opportunities that these happenings are creating for us. It will try to revoke the self confidence of youth, in the light of Islam’s universal teachings and the positive aspects of the current situation. The conference will also aim at presenting a clear roadmap to the youth, as to what they need to do in this situation and how they can create a better future.

Difficult times always have the potential to add the new wings to the communities and propel them to the new heights of success and well being and they can also shove them down the deep ditch of disgrace and misery, by paralyzing their arms. The conference envisages that these times become the means of revival and renaissance. In sha Allah.

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