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SIO launched “Human Dignity Campaign” at Osmania University, Hyderabad.

Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) released the poster of 15 day long (from 16th August – 30th August) “Human Dignity Campaign” in Arts College, Osmania University, Hyderabad.

hyd2SIO’s central leaders Mr. Khaleeq Ahmed Khan, Mr. Mohammed Jaseem, its zonal leader Layeeq Ahmed Khan, representatives of student organisations from OU graced the event. Which includes Mr. Naresh of DMSA, Mr.Darshan of DBSA etc.

Mr. Jaseem asserted that every religious scripture talks about dignity of mankind. And it’s everyone’s primary duty to uphold it.
Mr. Darshan proclaimed that social justice for SCs, STs, BCs, and minorities is inevitable. Society should break itself from the shackles of casteism, fascism & reclaim its human dignity. 

Layeeq Ahmed Khan listed the series of hate crimes and incidents of prejudice of Muslims from lynching of innocents to institutional murder of Rohith Vemula and forced disappearance of Najeeb Ahmed, a JNU student. He demanded the central government to act immediately on all the hate crimes and lynching cases and work on its much anticipated development agenda.

Mr. Naresh opined that “Hindutva ideology” is the crux of the problem. An RSS Vice Chancellor at University of Hyderabad has made life difficult for us. Now President, Vice President and other important governmental portfolios have been filled by RSS men. So, it’s scary to even think about country’s plight in next 5 years. He lamented that those speaking for the rights of SC/ST/Minority aren’t talking about Muslims…!

He pointed out hypocrisy of media which has not covered the concerns raised by VP Hamid Ansari on the growing insecurity and discomfort among Indian Muslims, but covered the statements of new VP Venkaiah Naidu, who has out rightly rejected if there is any problem in the country!!! . He demanded the citizens of India to imagine a Muslim as their Prime Minister.
Khaleeq Ahmed Khan launched the national campaign to uphold the dignity of the humans. He revisited the glorious history of Osmania campus. Its activism and succinct role from Telangana to Rohith Vemula, Osmania has been at the forefront of each struggle. He appealed student fraternity to make a faithful coordination and put serious & sincere effort to uphold the human dignity.

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