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SIO Launched Entrepreneurship Cell for Self dependency and to Create employment opportunities

esum3In the era of digitalization in the name of development, educated youths are frustrated due to lack of employment opportunities in a world which is called as Global Village. As it’s a fact that education is not employment, many young students are coming up with new ideas to do something different as every human being has some unique characteristics. The who takes risks only to earn for him/herself but also to create employment opportunity for the well being of the either friends, relatives, neighbours or those who are in need of job for their livelihood is termed as Entrepreneur.


Till now we witnessed small business men, social workers, investors and people with ideas join together to conduct Entrepreneurship summit to as to guide, help each other and to earn, SIO’s Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 at Mumbai, was a initiative from the platform of a student’s organization and launch of “SIO Entrepreneurship Cell” is first of its kind.


SIO as a largest Islamic students organization in India took a policy to facilitate the young students and youth with an intension that, when there is no opportunity then create opportunity and designed a policy statement as follows., SIO shall promote Entrepreneurship among its cadre and community. Entrepreneurship, the practice of encouraging the creation and growth of startup and also represents another emerging set of innovative development practices. It provides freedom and self dependency, hard work and risk factor. Entrepreneur not only self dependent but also create employment opportunities to others. Prophet Muhammed ﷺ also encouraged his companion for this entrepreneurial development. Educated youth and experts of different field instead of just doing job if they come up with new and creative startups then it has following advantages., 1. Self dependency, 2. Creating employment opportunities to others and 3. To develop and consolidate the financial status of community. The youth with such startups will have wide impact on society and can help in the cause of reconstructing the society in larger perspective and provide resources. The different schemes of governments and other NGO’s who provides resources and educate with many idea should be utilized.


The various aspects discussed in the two days summit are as follows, Entrepreneurial Behaviour – Objectives and Model of Operations: An Islamic Perspectives, Prophets (pbuh) Approach of Entrepreneurship, Startup Deliverable and Challenges, Guide for Idea Development, The power of networking tales, Winning the race through digital world, The Unwritten secret of choosing a startup, Entrepreneurship Idea Contest in the Education Space, Life as a Founder, Challenges of India Startups, Exchange Ideas and Knowledge, Startup Mastering the Game of Starting up, Government Policies for Indian Startups and E-Cell, growth and sustenance.


To address and interact with aspiring entrepreneurs are experts of Mr Rehan Ansari (Textile industry), Br. Hamza Ali (Monetization), Mr. Anis Muhammad (import and exports), Mr. Jaffer Mateen (educationalists), Janab Mujtaba Farooq sb (Owner, Asia Express), Mr. Abrar Ali Sayyid (Assistant Professor, Ahmedabad University),  Dr. Tausif Malik (Social Entrepreneur), Dr. Shariq Nisar (Expert Islamic Finance), Jb H Abdul Raqeeb Sb (General Secretary, IFIC), Mr Mirza Afzal Baig (CEO Lithotech Engineers), Mr. Ashfaque Alam (Executive Member Rifah chamber of commerce and industry), Mr. Sameer (Charted Accountant), Mr Malik Abdus Salam (Proprietor Malik Data Systems), and Mr. Layeeq Ahmed (CAC Member, SIO of India). Delegates were students, entrepreneurs and also aspiring entrepreneurs attended from various states of the nation.


Before concluding the summit, SIO Entrepreneurship Cell was launched for the further course of action and to build the networking to achieve the mention objectives. Khaleeq Ahmed (General Secretary, SIO of India) presided the summit, Br. Jaseem PP (National Secretary, SIO of India), Br. Salman Mohammed (President, SIO Maharastra South), Br Shahid Mohammad (President, SIO Rajasthan) and summit convener Br. Syed Azharuddin  were present.


Contributors of Summit were Rifah chamber of Commerce and Industry, Standard touch solutions, qsaudi.com, Lithotech Engineers, Malik Data Systems, Seahath Canning Company, Scholars group of schools, All India Muslim Business and Startup Network, Association of Muslim Entrepreneurs and Indian Centre for Islamic Finance. Official Media partners were The Companion, Chatr Vimarsh, Rafeeq e Manzil, India Tomorrow and Asia Express.


Syed Azharuddin

National Secretary,

Entrepreneurship Cell,

SIO of India.

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