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SIO Kerala Cadre conference held in Kannur

The conference began with the Flag Hoisting by Br. P.M. Salih, President of SIO Kerala. The cadres took oath, led by the President, and raised slogans proclaiming the ideals and principles of SIO.
In the inaugural session, Br. Shihab Pookottur, General convenor, and secretary of SIO Kerala, delivered the welcome address. The session was presided by S. Irshad, Gen. Sec. of SIO Kerala.
In his inaugural speech, Ameer-e- Jama’ath Maulana Sayyed Jalaaluddeen Umari Sahib, said that the Global civilization today was blind behind material and worldly riches, and this was the core reason for most of the problems arising in this world. He said that this phenomenon has started creating problems in the field of education also. He reminded that injustice, sexual atrocities and discrimination and exploitation of the underprivileged and the down trodden, will prevail unless there was a quintessential change in the perspective and views about life, in the society. “It is necessary that the world returned to spirituality and belief in god. There cannot be progress and development without this. We should be capable of guiding the world to the light, from the darkness. We should address every problem confronting the society. This was how the prophets preached the path of Allah. That is why they could bring changes on earth”, said the Ameer. The speech delivered in Urdu, was translated by Br. T. Shakir, Secretary of SIO Kerala.
Br. P.M. Salih declared that the State Conference of SIO Kerala will be held on 11th of December 2010, at Ernakulam. Br. Shoukath Ali, President of SIO Karnataka, O. Abdurrahman Sahib, Chief Editor of Madhyamam Daily, and V.K. Hamsa Abbas Sahib, Chief Editor of Gulf Madhyamam, spoke to the SIO cadres in the inaugural session.
Prizes and citations were given to the students by Ameer of Jama’at-e-Islami Hind, Kerala, T. Arifali Sahib.
A panel discussion was held in which past SIO & GIO presidents spoke to the new generation of SIO cadres. Some of them addressed through tele and video conferences. Br. P.M. Salih was the moderator for the session. T.K. Abdulla Sahib, Central Shura member of JIH, delivered the keynote address.
Brs. P.A. Abdul Hakeem, P.C. Hamsa, M.I. Abdul Azeez, Yousuf Umari, Koottil Mohammed Ali, R. Yousuf, T.K. Farooq, V.T. Abdulla Koya, K.A. Shafeeq, K. Muhammad Najeeb, P.I. Noushad, Bishruddin Sharqi, C. Dawood, K.K. Fathima Zuhra Sahiba, P.V. Rahmabi Sahiba, Sauda Padanna Sahiba, Shabeena Sharqi Sahiba, and K.P. Salwa Sahiba, spoke on the occasion. Their words instilled courage and confidence among the SIO cadres. They urged the cadres to intensify the struggle for a new world order based on the principles of Islam, and also urged the cadres to mould themselves to become efficient and dynamic leaders in the path of Allah. The Panel Discussion ended with an address of T. Arifali Sahib.
Later in the first day of the conference, a study session was held. K.K. Raheena Sahiba, President of GIO Kerala, presided the session. P.V. Rahmabi Sahiba, Vice-President of JIH Kerala Womens’ Wing, delivered a talk on the topic ‘sacrifice and shahadath’.
The tele-conference by Khaled Mesh’aal, founder leader of the Hamas Movement in Palestine was the most enthralling event of the day for the delegates of the conference. The revolutionary leader, acknowledged and thanked SIO, for mobilizing funds for the victims of Zionist atrocities in Palestine. The cadres were overwhelmed by the leader’s words. The words in Arabic, was translated by Br. Jaleel M.
The day ended with a Gazal nite, by Shameer Binsi and party.
The second day of the conference began with a ‘Tazkira class’ by P.P. Abdul Rahman Peringadi, Shura member of JIH Kerala.
The next session was on the Topic ‘Global Islamic __________”. The session was presided by Br. Saleem Pooppalam, Sec. of SIO Kerala. T.Arifali Sahib, Ameer of JIH Kerala, in his position as the Patron of SIO Kerala, addressed the cadres and other delegates in this session. A’ssam Tamimi, Hamas Leader, and West Asia specialist, of the BBC, spoke through a video conference session. The talk in English was translated by Br. Abdul Khader, ZAC member of SIO Kerala.
The succeeding study session was presided over by Muhammad Aslam, Secretasy of SIO Kerala. Prof. K.A. SIddique  Hassan, Asst. Ameer of JIH, and the stallion of Vision 2016, delivered a session on the topic ‘Jama’at-e- Islami in the Indian scenario’. He briefed the contributions of JIH in the past, and said that policy changes of JIH, responding to situations was a factor that makes JIH, a credible organization. He reminded that various organizations which criticized and condemned JIH in the past were forced to take follow its path later on.
Br. Muhammad Rafeeq, Gen. Sec. of SIO India, spoke on the topic ‘SIO in the Indian scenario. The Urdu speech was translated to Malayalam by Br. K. Najathullah, ZAC member of SIO Kerala. A similar session on the topic ‘GIO in the Indian scenario’, was delivered by Shabeena Sharqi Sahiba, Secretary of GIO Kerala.
The two day conference came to an end with the closure session presided by Br. P.B.M. Farmees, Secretary of SIO Kerala. The Asst. Ameer of JIH Kerala, Sheikh Muhammad Karakunnu, spoke in this session.
The Vote of thanks was delivered by K. Sadiq, Convenor of the Cadre Conference.

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