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SIO Karnataka organized protest against CJI’s Statement demanding apology from CJI

SIO Karnataka organized protest against CJI’s Statement demanding apology from CJI

SIO Gulbarga, Karnataka organized protest against CJI’s Statement & Submitted Memorandum demanding apology from CJI:  On 24-07-2015 Remarks made by CJI were highly disappointing and reflect his partial attitude towards women’s right, Students Islamic Organisation(SIO) of India strongly criticize and demand CJI to make Apology, These remarks also damaged the plural ethos of nation and violated Constitutional rights of freedom of Religion and equality which is guaranteed for all citizens in COI.

Statement Recorded in National media.

(1) “If you appear in an examination without a Head scarf, your faith will not disappear.”

(2) “Nothing but a matter of ego”,

These statements had damaged the Sentiments of faith based communities across the Nation.In view of this Students Islamic Organization (SIO) of India, Gulbarga, Karnataka organized a massive “people protest” against CJI Remarks for hurting the sentiments’ of Indian Citizens & also submitted a memorandum directed towards President of India through District Commissioner, demanding CJI to apologize for his derogatory remarks. The protest was organized at Vidhan Souda in Gulbarga, where in people in large number participated.

There were incidents observed in the recent AIPMT, Re-Test, where a Christian Nun was not allowed to write exam with her religious dress code, Muslim Girl prefers to give up her exam instead of writing without” Head Scarf” which she followed from her childhood and feels safe and confident by wearing it, Sikh students were Forced to remove rings, kada (a Sikh article of faith) & Hindu Students were asked to open moulis (threads worn during Hindu rituals), belts and even hair bands, these incidents had really made a psychological pressure on students of 17-18 years and develop a kind of fear in them which results to Divert their focus on what they have studied, since they are comfortable of the practices of dress they follow from their childhood, how can they suddenly give it up and throw away.

Students Islamic Organisation (SIO) of India feels that there are hundreds of mechanism which can make exams free From corruption and other Irregularities of Cheating & malpractice which surely results to put less pressure on genuine students who works hard for their dream career and make them to write their test without any fear, which was not followed and the whole discussion was Focused on the issue of dress to divert the attention of citizens from the irregularities happened.

Students Islamic Organisation (SIO) of India Believes that India is a diverse country Where People of Different Faith and Rituals Live Together in harmony and peace and the whole foundation of our nation Lies on “ethos of its diversity and pluralism” which is respected and guaranteed under Constitution of India. And the Recent Remarks on Faith by Chief Justice India Contradicts The Very Article (25) of COI. Therefore we demand immediate Apology from Chief Justice of India.


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