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SIO Expresses Grief and Condemned Patna Blast

National President SIO at Gujrat

New Delhi (28th October): Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) expressed severe disapproval of and strictly condemned the serial bomb blasts in Patna on October 27. With the press statement released here today the National President of SIO Ashfaq Ahmed called the blasts in Patna on the occasion of BJP’s Gandhi Maidan rally a cowardly act and condemned it, adding that fair and free investigation of the entire matter was immediately needed and those involved in it should not be let off.

The National President also expressed his remorse on the undeserved loss of innocent lives. In his message he said the blasts were aimed to disturb all citizens of the country. Such acts of terrorism must be dealt with tact and patience by the society so that strong and unambiguous message of unity and brotherhood is sent to those hate-mongers, behind the blasts, in the country. He also expressed solidarity with victims and prayed to God for peace, love and harmony to prevail and triumph in the nation. He called on the state government of Bihar to complete the investigations of the crime at the earliest and bring forth the guilty for the harshest punishment, besides avoiding harassing of innocent youth and students particularly from one targeted community. While investigating the blasts, National President of SIO argued, the angle that who will benefit from them politically should not be forgotten.

SIO appeals to the sincere citizens and especially to the student community in the country to maintain the air of peace and togetherness to fight the reactionary communal elements in the nation.

Sharique Ansar

National Secretary,

SIO of India

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