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SIO demands University in Mewat

SIO of India organised a demonstration at Delhi demanding educational upliftment of Mewat. Dr. Javed Zafar (CSR, Delhi), Mr. Thouseef Madikeri (Convener, Mewat Educational Development), Mr. Inamurrahman (FMEI) and Mr. Abdul Wodud and Nazeerul Hasan (National Secretaries, SIO of India) addressed the gathering. SIO also organised 53 Public meetings on the educational issues in Mewat district.













Develop primary & High Schools on the pattern of Kendriya Vidyalaya’s in all blocks of Mewat
Develop High Schools in Taoru, Hathin, Nuh, Ferozpur Jhirka and Punhana Tehsils
Provide Scholarship to 11th and 12th standard students
Run Education Awareness campaigns in all blocks
Establish Colleges in all blocks
Establish University in Nuh
Give admissions to the Madrasa pass outs on the pattern of AMU
Fill the vacant teaching positions in schools
Ensure each school; government, government aided and non-government schools maintain RTE norms related to provision of teachers and pupil teacher ratio.

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