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SIO demands sacking of the Islamophobic Jamia professor

“Jamia is a third class minority institution, with incapable professors and stupid pupils”: Prof. P.K. Basu

New Delhi (9 Sep): Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO), Jamia Millia Islamia Zone demands immediate dismissal of Prof. P.K. Basu who (during class) abused students of MBA (Sem-I), JMI and the Muslim community as a whole, on the day blasts rocked Delhi High Court.

His statement is an attack on the credibility of Jamia Millia Islamia as an educational institution, and cannot be tolerated in any circumstances whatsoever. He said; “Jamia Millia Islamia is a third class minority institution and you (students) are idiots, stupids, illiterate fools …. I can see the quality of professors, who are teaching here.”

He pointed towards a girl who was wearing burqa and said “you black head girl, why you are wearing this dress while it is being banned in some countries.” His acrimonious attacks made the girl cry. He pronounced many other abuses that better not be quoted here for the sake of decency.

Ajmal V Zonal President of SIO JMI said, “This only proves how badly he suffers from press-acquired Islamophobia. Why he did bring in these comments in the class is still unknown, but the kind of mind he has is no less than that of myopic saffron communal bigots here in India. SIO believes that such hateful remarks are indeed unfortunate by a professor who in ideal circumstances should have fought against such irrational-hatred directed against a particular community. We are sorry for his contaminated thoughts and prejudiced mind. And of course such racism and intolerance could not and should not be allowed to wantonly go on in the campus. We demand his immediate sacking from all public positions he upholds, and off course his apologies to students, JMI and the Muslim community as a whole.”

SIO also asks the student community to raise their voice against this kind of comments intellectually. Students should not be a silent listener but should be a fierce debater in the classroom.

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