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SIO demands probe into Haryana fake encounter

Delhi 19th Sept: Nahas Mala, President SIO of India has demanded a fair and impartial probe by a competent authority into the series of fake encounters in Haryana, eleven of them in the Nuh district itself the latest being that of a boy called Munfaid. Sourcing the fact-finding report of “Citizens Against Hate” he said ” Munfaid was called upon by the police authorities asking him to become an informer in exchange for dropping all fall charges against him.

He was later shot dead “The report has a list of 15 such incidents happened in various places across the state.” It might not be mere coincidence that the news of Haryana fake encounter was brought into the light on the anniversary of Batla House encounter killings. This clearly shows how prejudicial our system is and the Muslims in the country, especially the youth continues to be prone to encounter killings.

Justice in such cases are never delivered, Batla house encounter being the best example” he added.

Syed Azharuddin
National Secretary,
Department of Media,
SIO of India.
prs@sio-india.com www.sio-india.org

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