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SIO condemns the Centre’s retraction on JMI’s minority status.

Nahas Mala, President SIO of India has stated that the controversy regarding Jamia Millia Islamia’s minority status is ill founded and wrongly taken. National Council for Minority Educational Institutions has adjudicated and held that “Jamia was founded by Muslims for the benefit of Muslims and it never lost its identity as a Muslim minority educational institution”, and was, therefore, “covered under Article 30(1)… read with Section 2(g) of the National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions Act”.

Therefore SIO, on behalf of the Muslim community demands entitlement of the community to “establish” and “administer” educational institutions of its choice under Article 30 of constitution.
Further Nahas Mala added, SIO has complete faith in the judiciary and hope that the Apex court will adjudicate the matter taking into consideration the right of minorities guaranteed under chapter 30 of our constitution and the specific historical context of the establishment of these institutions.

The retraction of central government from its earlier stand on the Minority status of JMI amounts to the denial of historical facts. It went further to make similar remarks regarding the character of JMI tantamount to denying its minority status. SIO firmly believes and asserts that the character of JMI cannot be determined unless the specific historical context of their establishment is taken into consideration.

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