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SIO condemns the attack on students by right wing goons.

President Nahas Mala said, it is highly condemnable act, “attacking on students/citizens of own country when they protest against the government’s policy of banning beef in selected states for political gains.”

Notification from central government to ban on trading cattle for slaughtering shows the immaturity and ignorance about India and Indian society. This notification to Ban cattle trading is direct attack on Indian Economy and Indian constitution. It shows how low the fascists can fall.

Sooraj R, a PhD scholar from the department of Aerospace in IIT-Madras was allegedly attacked by eight students of right wing, when he participated in the Beef festival organized in campus to protest against the ban on trading of cattle.

Every possibility is there for polarising activities by these elements to get widened as they are being motivated and ‘rewarded’ by the ill-advised order of the government. We strongly demand to immediately take back the order and protect the long lasting cultural diversity of the nation, the statement continued.

Syed Azharuddin
National Secretary, SIO of India.

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