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SIO Aurangabad City Organized IKT: Maharashtra South

2 Oct 2012: Student Islamic Organisation, Aurangabad city successfully organized Islamic knowledge test (IKT) at Iqra Girls high school, Central Naka. In which hundreds of students hailing from all the campuses throughout the city participated in the test and share their views with us .

The test was conducted on the Book “Towards understanding Islam” written by Maulana Syed Abul Aala Maudoodi in which he expressed the basic knowledge about islam and the philosophical issues with solution. Students were courageous to give the test and views about the book. 

SIO believes that knowing each other religion, discussing problems and finding out its solution, interacting each other, coming closer irrespective of religion would give a peaceful, healthy, and better society moreover to bridge the gap between the other religions and to remove the misconceptions regarding Islam.

SIO also wants students hailing from different religions indifferent campuses to think on the growing crime rates, sociopolitical views, respecting each other religions, as youngsters are the biggest asset of our country which would lead to “integrity” which has been lost some decades ago in the history of India.

“Incredible India” the title given to our country on the basis of peace, harmony with its different religions residing over here is losing its originality. SIO had conducted this test to gain integration among people, peace, harmony, and for better society and moreover to strive back the title “Incredible India”.

During this, SIO cadre meet more than 10,000 students throughout the city in different colleges, campuses, shaping their minds towards betterment, and convincing them to be a part in making better tomorrow.

Moreover huge amount of prizes has been kept 1st prize-15,000/-  2nd prize-10,000/- 3rd prize- 5000/- and 20 consolation prizes worth Rs 500/-. The award Ceremony will be on 7th October 2012 at Maulana Azad research Centre, Majnu hills. 

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