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For the past 1 month members of SIO MHSSCOE ( M. H. Saboo Siddik College of Engineering, Mumbai) were pondering over the facts that our campus lacks basic amenities and it was decided that a complain letter be written to the principal of the college.

After much scrutiny of the problems faced by the students some problems were shortlisted, and under the guidance of campus president Br. Suhaib Shahab, a letter was written echoing the sentiments of all the students. The letter was then circulated throughout the college receiveng a whoping response of more than 1500 student’s signature out of the 2000 odd students studying in the college.

The letter duly signed by the students was then submitted to the vice principal, Mr. Zaheer Khan on 2nd
May. The vice principal replied to the letter on 9th May and agreed to fulfill a majority of our demands.

All this time SIO MHSSCOE unit was running a parellel online awareness drive of our efforts put into it.

The results of the entire campaign was welcomed by all.

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