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SHIKSHA SAMVAD at University of Davangere

Resource Person – Dr. Sukumara Gowda, Director, Centre for Studies in Education, Makkala Mantapa, Puttur
SIO Davangere has organized an “Interactive Workshop on Upcoming New Education Policy” (Shiksha Samvad) in collaboration with MSW Department, Davangere University & AIFRTE on 15th October 2015 @ Davangere University, Davangere.
Five common orientations to curriculum are
• The development of cognitive processes
• Curriculum as technology
• Self actualization or curriculum as consummatory experience
• Curriculum for social reconstruction-relevance
• Academic rationalism

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The long term goals of school curriculum, for example, ability to think clearly and independently, develop scientific temper, citizenship, social competence and tolerance and appreciation of other religions & cultures, are a part of educational philosophy and sociology.

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