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Resource Persons
Dr. Hemant Khandai, HOD, Dept. of Education, at Barkatullah University, Bhopal
Mr. Anwar Jafari, Social Activist, Bhopal.

Following issues were been raised by Dr. Khandai:
1. According to article 45 of constitution of India, it is the sole responsibility of government of India to provide free and compulsory education to children between 6 years to 14 years of age, but the question is that is education is being provided to the needy or not?
2. It is easy for any government to frame its policy on education but they don’t focus on the implementation of the policy. The policy is being thrown on the public; you have to just follow it.
3. For past few decades, each government used to frame its new education policy but unfortunately none of the policy is being perfectly implemented. Today, the destiny of our country is being saved in our classrooms.

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4. Education today is creating more and more division among the society which may lead to different types of revolution in the country. The purpose of education is to bridge the gap and eradicate the divisions among the society.
5. Present policy on education has no respect of teachers and trainers among the students, India is a country where students used to respect their teachers and Gurus. The policy is of no use unless it brings back the respect that teachers deserve to have.
6. Education policy should be made such that education must reach from urban areas to rural areas, from slums to tribal people living in jungles. Is vote being given only by the urban? Is the value of vote more for urban public than the rural one? If this is not so than why so much gap between quality of education for poor and rich.

Further Mr. Anwar Jafferi questioned the policy makers on what is the responsibility of a democratic government on education?
To bring social equality than serious changes are need to be done in present education policy
Mr. Jafferi also added the problem of malnutrition in children and shows grave concern towards the issue and asked the authorities to consider this issue as well. Since, the malnutrition is also directly associated with the education as a healthy body and mind is capable of achieving good education. Education nowadays is most important to improve one’s financial and economic condition. Good education is the one which makes a student morally strong along with its technical knowledge, education should develop the feeling for society and motivate students to get socially engage as much as possible. Which means the basis of providing knowledge and education is to develop good and socially responsible human beings. It’s good to develop our human resource in advanced technologies but not on the cost of moral degradation.
Few concerns were also been shown by the attendees in the meeting. These points are:
1. Lack of reviewing in government agencies and corruption is the root cause of improper implementation of government policies. Unless the concerned authorities or departments are not being questioned, proper outcome cannot be achieved. For example, the performance of a particular hospital can be improved by CCTV camera installation which keeps an eye on all the staff and officers.
2. In private schools, teachers are more punctual and responsible than government school teachers reason is proper reviewing of their duties. Other than this government school teachers were also overburdened due to other responsibilities than teaching like mid-day meal, election duties, etc.
3. Government should provide 2.3% of its budget for health education also.

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