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Seminars on Educational Status of Uttar Pradesh at Allahabad and Meerut

Education for Social Transformation: Issues & Dilemmas. Shiksha Panchayat: A Seminar on the issues of Uttar Pradesh was organized at National Inter College, Meerut on 22/05/2015. Mr. Ambarish Rai of RTE Forum, Mr. Abdul Qadeer Islahi, ZP SIO UP West, Mr. Thouseef Madikeri ( SIO National Secretary) and Mr. Inamurrahman National Coordinator, FMEI addressed the gathering. ‪#‎NorthIndiaEducationalDevelopment‬ ‪#‎UttarPradesh‬













Seminar on Educational Status of Uttar Pradesh was organised at Allahabad on 23/05/2016. Prof. Sandeep Pandey, Dr. Javed Zafar, Mr.Thouseef Madikeri addressed the gathering. Mr. Ariz Alvi, President, SIO UP East presided over the programme, Mr. Muzammil Falahi, Convener NIEM UP East and Mr. Najmusaqib (Secretary, JIH) was also present. ‪#‎ShikshaPanchayat‬ ‪#‎NorthIndiaEducationMovement‬
















  1. Make education easily accessible and reduce the inequality in education.
  2. Optimally use the budget allocations.
  3. Timely review the syllabus so that better pedagogy be developed.
  4. Discourage the privatization of education and appoint capable teachers.
  5. Focus on primary education and its problems.
  6. To free education of the corruption.
  7. Let people belonging to all castes and religions receive education without any discrimination.
  8. Develop primary schooling on the pattern of KVs.
  9. Provide education in mother tongues.
  10. Develop the department of Islamic studies and sciences in state level universities.
  11. Implement the Allahabad High court rule and prescriptions.
  12. Give admissions to the Madarsa pass outs on the pattern of AMU.

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