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Save Gaza Save Humanity Campaign by SIO Mumbai

Molding the enthusiasm, zeal and courage of students towards constructive development in the society. Students Islamic Organization of India Mumbai Division organized a week long campaign in support of Gaza-Palestine against genocide and violent war crimes from Israel.

The campaign “SAVE Gaza SAVE Humanity” organized across several colleges and campuses of city, from 19th-25th July, aiming towards bringing the real issue making student community aware about the war crimes of Israel toward Palestine and expressing solidarity with citizens of GAZA.

Hundreds of students were found wearing black ribbons as mark of protest against Israel where holding banners and play cards in solidarity with Gaza demanding immediate end of war and killings of innocent citizen at the Palestine.

Massive signature drive poll campaign was also carried out public places and colleges also on social networks of Facebook and the others. SIO strongly believes that injustice anywhere is the threat to justice everywhere so India must raise its voice against the ongoing violence and the genocide at GAZA, and must take diplomatic actions against Israel In solidarity with Palestine.


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