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salvation exhibition & conference

Salvation- from darkness to light…
Students Islamic Organisation of India – Bangalore, organized a 3 day Conference & Exhibition from 14th to 16th November 2009 at Darussalam Building, Queens Road, Bangalore. The Conference had talks on various thought provoking topics by eminent personalities the Exhibition featured more than 40 panels on different aspects of Islam. Few stalls which sold Islamic DVDs, stickers, books, T-shirts, burqas were also put up.

The 3 day event was organised to realize peace, justice, human rights, moral values and give the true message of Islam to non-Muslims and Muslims, be it on a collective level or individual level, are a must for effective human progress and realistic global unity.

Day – 1
The first day, the Exhibition was open for the general public from 10 am. The formal inauguration of the Exhibition was done by Sri Sri Sri Shivarudra Mahaswamy at 3:30 pm which was followed by a program where various speakers like Mr. Kandgal, Sri Sri Sri Shivarudra Mahaswamy, Dr. Saad Belgami and Mr. Shoukath Ali addressed the gathering.

The evening’s program featured a talk by Dr. Shariq Nisar on the topic “Recession – Cause & Effect”. The talk was followed by question & answers session and a Documentary Launch, “WAR WITH GOD?” The Documentary is on Interest (Riba). The Documentary was launched by Dr. Shariq Nisar, Dr. Saad Belgami, Mr. Shoukath Ali & Mr. Shahid.

Day – 2
The second day, the Exhibition was open for the general public from 10 am. The first talk of the day was at 11:30 am by Mr. Umar Sharrief on the topic “The Current World Problems and their Solutions”. The talk was followed by a Question & Answer session.

At 3 pm the Conference featured a talk in Malyalam on “Fabric the Life with Religious Harmony” by Basheeruddin Shirqi.

Dr. Saad Belgami delivered a presentation on the topic “Quran – Basic tenets of Faith.

The last talk of the day was by Mr. Gaurav Ahmed Nainwal on the topic “The Concept of God”. All the talks were followed by a question and answer session.

Day – 3
The third day, the Exhibition was open for the general public from 10 am. The first program for the day was a workshop by Mr. Syed Habeeb. More than 300 students from different schools and colleges from across Bangalore took part in the event.

The next talk of the day was a completely ladies program. A talk on “Women’s action for Women’s Right & Dignity” was delivered by Nasera Khanam Saheba. More than 300 ladies attended the program.

Dr. Saad Belgami also delivered a presentation on the topic “Quran – Universal Humanitarian Charter.

The last talk of the conference was on a fascinating topic “Religion, Science and Common Sense – Experts prove Science and Religion” by Mr. Arif Vakeel, moderated by Dr. Taha Mateen. The talk was followed by an interesting question and answer session.

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