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Rohingya issue, A Test of Human Conscience : Br. Nahas

National President Students Islamic Organisation of India, Br Nahas Mala in a press statement says, whatever is happening in Myanmar with Rohingya community is neither a hidden nor incomprehensible affair. It is absolutely a test of Human conscience and fundamental human ethics to choose between Humanity and Barbarity.
He further added that, every Human being is created equal and deserve basic right of living with dignity, irrespective of Ethnicity, Religion or Region and those fundamental rights of Rohingya’s are being snatched in most cruel ways.
It is the duty of International community and Law to solve the Rohingya crisis immediately and ensure Justice to the innocents and helpless people otherwise this helplessness of IC will be remembered as a failed judgement in History, he Concluded.
Syed Azharuddin
National Secretary, SIO of India.
prs@sio-india.org www.sio-india.org

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