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Ramadan – Our Guest

Welcoming the guest is one of the important attributes of human behavior. The degree of welcome increases based upon the magnificence and saintliness of the guest. Ramadan arrives amongst us with its blessings and mercy every year like a humble guest and showers on us its gifts of virtues and blessings. Doubtlessly, Ramadan is a spring of virtues and is a special blessing of Allah upon us.

But friends’, just getting any mercy is not that important. The true obedience is the utmost utilization of the blessing. Our obedience lie in making use of Ramadan, focus our self and make the Ramadan days, a benchmark of our life.
Ramadan is truly a month-long campaign, whose central theme is self development. An all round development of self is the outcome of Ramadan. Habits play a vital role in personality development. Acquisition of good habits and abandoning bad habits is a tough task and require hard work and sincerity. One can’t put something into habit unless he puts on a constant effort for it. But adhering to something normally is quite tough. Ramadan therefore provides a favorable environment for a believer to habituate on certain things. This Ramadan, we should take a resolution for our self to inculcate atleast one good habit and abandon one bad habit. We should make use of this Ramadan in such a way that upon the end of this month, we should relish the good habit developed and should feel sick of the bad habit we had. Therefore, we need to identify the flaws in our self, whether the flaws are of moral nature, or whether it be in our worships, in our attitude or alike. And we should habituate our self to get rid of these flaws. Never forget, unless these flaws are overcome upon, we cannot call our fast to be complete and exemplary.

Ramadan is not at all a month of relaxing or wastage of time. One objective to abstinence from food and drink is to develop the ability of bear with the difficulties and pains. We should obtain a discourse of hardships, but not ease. Over eating, Sleep, unnecessary night-outs and needless shopping are those tools of shaitan, through which he has diverted our focus from Ramadan in the name of its so called splendors. Beware of these tools of shaitan, as they are deceiving barriers in the utilization of Ramadan. Do not confine yourself only to “kulu washrabu” (eat and drink), but also behold “wala tusrifu” (do not transgress) which are next Quranic words. Sleeping after sahar, in the name of Sunnah-al-qailoola should not become inevitable routine, but make upon a day-long agenda and carry out dawah and other organization activities as per Quranic teaching, “inna laka fin nahaari sabhan thaweela” (verily, there is for you by day prolonged occupation with ordinary duties,…. 73:7). With the Will of Allah, the conquests of Badr and Makkah have taken place. The former was first collective tussle with the evil and the latter was final punch in strive of deen over evil. Thus Ramadan has provided the circumstances of preparing for stiff striving practically.

Last and important, promote Godly character and Taqwa. Ramadan is infact the month of Quran. Hence, spend time and make most out of its company. Keep pondering, look out for pearls of wisdom through its verses and make it an Everyday Guide. Prayers shall be done in first row and with takbeer-e-ula. Instigate the cadre for Itikaaf. Post mid night prayers and earnest supplications should be also carried out. There is a verse just before the verse which mandate fasting on believers. “…I respond to the invocations of the supplicant when he calls Me…” 2:186). Who would like to miss this opportunity?

Dear Friends! Rain water falls on both rocks and soft land. While, the water on rocks flows off, the fertile lands produce lush greenery and vegetation. Similarly, a lively heart and conscience take proportionate benefit of Ramadan. Make your soul more fertile for Ramadan. Give a warm welcome to this magnificent and saintly guest. Acquire its rewards and discover a new self within you making use of this month long campaign of personality development.

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