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Racial attack on African students highly condemnable – SIO

SIO National president Nahas Mala condemned the attack on African students in Greater Noida. A handful of hate crimes reported in and around the Greater Noida, after the suspicious death of a local resident, is a matter of shock. He also told that the Government should look into the matter seriously and ensure the security of South African students, instead of beating around the bush. There are around 30k African students pursuing their higher education in different universities across the nation. Government should find means of solution to recapture their belief in country’s security system to roam around freely. Victims must be compensated and the culprits duly punished. They also expressed their anxiety in continuing their stay in India. Such racial attacks will create a feeling of insecurity among the 2.5lakh Indian citizens residing in Africa in fear of retaliation. In this circumstance, it is vital that the Ministry of External Affairs take the needed diplomatic measures, President Nahas Mala added.


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