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Quiz on Life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) successfully organised at Mumbra

Mumbai: On 10th Nov. 2012 A Quiz competition on the (Seerat) life of Prophet Muhammad SAW has been successfully organized by by SIO-Mumbra Unit. The quiz was continuation of last week’s program of “Express your Love for Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) – General Discussion” which concluded by asking every individual in that program to read books on life of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.). Later Decision was made to arrange Quiz on our study in the coming program.

The program begins with the recitation of Quraan Surah Al- Zuha followed by its translation in Urdu by Br. Ejaz (SIO Mumbra Associate). In all 27 students including Non Students participated for the Quiz. Next Br. Azeem (SIO Mumbra Associate) convener for the Quiz asked Br. Ziyaul Islam (Asst. Web Master and DAC Member) divided the mob in two groups i.e. Saifullah Group and Hazrat Hamza (R.A.) Group. Group Leader for Saifullah group was Br. Zeeshan (IFC Secretary SIO Mumbai Division) and Br. Ehtesham (Dawah Secretary, SIO Mumbai Division) was the Group Leader for Hazrat Hamza group.

Quiz comprises of four consecutive rounds. In which Round-1 include simple 10 questions to both groups alternatively. Round-2 was a Clue round in that after asking question two clues will be provided after a fixed duration of time to answer the question. Round-3 was Buzzer round, the group knowing the answer will have to say ALLAHU AKBAR loudly as a buzzer. Round-4 was Fast Five, in which group leaders will select a candidate from their group who will represent their group and will only be allowed to answer the Fast Five questions independently.

After a very tough Competition which last for nearly 1 hour finally Hazrat Hamza (R.A.) group won. Later Br. Hamidullah (President SIO Mumbra) in his vote of thanks said that this quiz was a very nice way to judge our knowledge and also asked every individual to take it very serious to enhance our knowledge from Islam point of view. The program came to an end after recitation of Surah Al- Asr.

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