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“SIO’s appeal to the VC of AMU”

Respected sir,
With much gratitude and pride, we acknowledge the courageous steps taken by our honorable Vice Chancellor to inculcate a new academic atmosphere in our university. His vision of setting up AMU centers in various parts of the country show that the great legacy of the founder Sir Syed is the inspiration of the university administration.  
We extend our gratitude for appointing an advisory committee (Moosa Raza Committee) to study the issue of students union. We would like to apparent the fact that SIO is doubtful about the strike due to the ambiguity regarding the identity of the people behind this. Under these circumstances SIO forwards the following demands for your kind consideration.
1                   The idea of students union was conceived by the founding fathers of our institution with the aim of molding apt leadership for the country and community. Speech of the Prof. Morison displayed in a plaque in front of Strachey Hall stand witness to this fact. SIO dements the early restoration of Students union.
2                     Since the student’s politics reflects undesirable results in the campus, SIO strongly recommend the administrative council to reform the Student’s Union laws in a manner that upholds the voice of the student’s community which makes our campus creative and productive.
3                    Education without politics is as fatal as politics without education. Therefore, a balanced and stable campus with students of high intellect is the dream of SIO.
4                    In order to avoid the situation that people with worsted and partisan interest may come at the helm of affairs of student union, adequate precautionary measures should be taken. SIO believes that implementation of Justice Lyngdho committee recommendation (2002) in a manner appropriate to the AMU tradition will serve that purpose
5                    Since the Moosa Raza committee has been given four months period to submit the report, the process of reforming the students union may take time. Therefore University should find alternate arrangement for the smooth running of the current academic year. Grievance Committee could be expanded in a democratic manner and given more responsibility to perform the Student’s Union task temporarily.
6                    University should introduce the changes relating to the student’s union in a democratic manner. Discussion with Hall post holders/ Grievance Committee should be practiced.
Our university was originally designed as a Tarbiyat Gaah/Dars Gaah which was the concept of founder itself. So he behaved as a father for the students. In such an atmosphere the relationship between the authority and student community is supposed to be that of a mentorship. So there should be concerted effort to improve the communication between students and the authority. We strongly believe that a healing touch can create wonders.
May Allah help us to fulfill the dreams of Sir Syed and needs of the society.      
 Yours faithfully
Ansari P
Date: 14/10/2010
Copy to:
1.          Registrar, Aligarh Muslim University 
2.          Proctor, Aligarh Muslim University
3.          Dean, Students Welfare, Aligarh Muslim University
4.          Moosa Raza Committee appointed by the court, AMU

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