New Delhi (16.07.2011): Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) organized lecture and interaction on the topic “Reservation: A Step Towards Social Equality” at Abulais Hall, SIO Headquarters, New Delhi. The speakers for the evening were Prof. Jenny Rowena, Professor, University of Delhi and Prof. Hany Babu, Secretary, Academic Forum for Social Justice.

Prof. Jenny quoting the history of reservation brought to the fore that reservations were first demanded by the upper caste during the colonial rule in India. She added that the need of reservation arises as there’s no equal opportunity to participate. The question of competition is valid if there is opportunity for even those who have been kept aloof from social participation to prove their caliber, she added.

Prof. Hany Babu anguished at the lack of commitment of the political leadership as well the judiciary‘s role in bringing equal participation of the citizens. The politics of caste has been detrimental to the oppressed classes of the Indian society and the current gimmicks of the governments in succession have only added to the plight of the oppressed. The whole idea behind reservation is to provide an opportunity to those who have been aloof of the social and political functioning, he added.

Earlier, Sharique Ansar, National Secretary, SIO welcomed the gathering for the interactive session and scrolled through the legislations passed and commissions the Government of India set up for the cause of uplifting the oppressed. He lamented at the lethargic approach of the consecutive governments at the center as well as the states for suppressing these classes. With regard to minorities, he said, successive reports have confirmed the plight of Muslims but no affirmative action has been taken.

Mohd. Azharuddin, National President, SIO was present on the dais. Shaikh Shoaib, National Secretary, SIO expressed gratitude and Arshad Jamaal, Secretary, SIO JMI Zone recited the Quran at the beginning. The lectures were followed by interactions between the audience and the resource persons


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