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“Protest rally by SIO Bhatkal against saffronisation of school syllabus”

A rally was taken out by the SIO Associates and local public from Shamshuddin circle to the office of Assistant Commissioner to post a protest against the saffronisation in the education system of state syllabus. During the protest, SIO has expressed its strong opposition to revised textbooks of schools.

Members of the SIO, including regional secretary Mohammed Rafiq presented the Memorandum to the Assistant Commissioner which was addressed to the Governor.

Talking to the protestors, Mr. Naseef Ikkeri said that -SIO wants to build a healthy student community on the basis of moral and humanitarian values; unfortunately the government is hell bent on poisoning the young minds by drastically revising 5th and 8th standard social science text books and it has already approved the same. The elements of communalism have been incorporated in these text books.

This content will have harmful impact on the students and society. mindset by including communal disharmony. The protesters demanded the government to withdraw the new syllabus.

In his proceedings, the SIO leader Mr. Rafiq shortly introduced the aims and objectives of SIO and highlighted some serious concern over the issue of saffronisation, further he revealed the guidelines set by National Curriculum Framework (NCF) and Department of State Educational Research and Training (DSERT) and said that the syllabus should accordingly contain social justice, history of downtrodden, history of Karnataka and cultural diversity of Kannada language. He quoted that the current syllabus is lacking all of these conditions provided by NCF and DSERT. SIO demanded the withdrawal of the
textbooks and urged that they be redesigned as per the Constitution by appointing a committee of expert educationists.

The protest rally was a mass mixture of Students, youngsters and senior citizens as well. The whole rally was chanting slogans against saffronisation.

The protestors started the rally from Shamsuddin circle and ended up at AC office. Incharge Assistant Commissioner, Dr. Madhukeshwar received the Memorandum and assured that he will forward the voice of SIO to the Government.

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