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“MOUDUDI: Yet To be Understood Scholar”

Kannur: The eve gathering on the topic “Sayyid moududi: writings and thoughts” conducted by SIO district committee, evaluated that Modern era has failed to understand the scholar Sayyid Moududi who led to global Islamic renaissance. T.P.Shameem pappinissery introduced  topic, opined that Moududi is being picturized as the brain behind devastating acts and the investigations about him are based on the prejudices having no evidences of the truth.

The writer and social worker K.K.Baburaj said that, the works of Moududi challenges and questions all types of powers and authorities.‘It is necessary to stop the untouchability towards Moududi’s writings and it is important to reread his works’. He added. Dr. P.a. aboobecker told that there are many evidences on Moududi’s speeches and letters which reiterated the important to be given to the non Muslim societies. Thus it is inevitable to study his relevance deeply.

‘Though Moududi was a great democrat, public didn’t grow to understand him, who protested against the Partition of India along with Mahatma Gandhi, Mr. Radhakrishnan koodaali examined. Irresponsible debates are being taking place on moududi’, opined solidarity state secretary T.Mohammed velom. The function was presided over by Shamseer Ibrahim. T.K.Mohammed Ali participated .A. Rashid welcomed the gathering and T.P.Muhsin granted vote of thanks

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