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“Islam must be socially engaged to solve the living problems faced by humanity” – SIO Panel discussion

 The panel discussion was on the topic: “Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and Social Engagement”. Panelists included H Abdur Raqeeb (Secretary General, Indian Centre for Islamic Finance), Gautam Chakravarti (Lecturer, Ramlal Anand College Delhi  University) and Dr. S.Farooq (President, Himalaya Drugs). Suhail K.K (National President, SIO of Inida) presided over the meeting.

H Abdur Raqeeb in his speech said that we are living at a time when everything in society is controlled by finance. At the same time the whole basis of the whole financial system is undergoing serious setback. The world has been searching for an alternative and Islamic financial system is being discussed worldwide. Islam presents a system free of exploitation and speculation.

Gautam Chakraverti spoke his heart out at the occasion. He lamented that modern youth is indifferent and even antagonistic towards their culture and tradition. This nihilism is the main cause of all their troubles. Citing a number of incidents from his personal life he proved that the bond of tradition keeps intact a person’s personality in most adverse of circumstances. He appreciated the work of SIO that it is doing in bringing youth near to their culture and morality.

Dr. Farooq asserted that there is a need to understand the prophetic message and then to apply it to ourselves and our household. From here begins the revolution. Without founding revolution’s seed in our heart this cannot be fertilized in the outside environment. This will be nothing but hypocrisy.

In his presidential address SIO National President Suhail KK emphasized on ‘living Islam’ rather than only ‘speaking’ and ‘writing’ Islam. Islam is not only the guide to success in hereafter; but a complete ideology with guides humanity to success in all domains of civilization. He said that the presence of Islam must be felt in society positively by creative participation and social intervention. Islam throughout the history has always had played the key role in building up civilizations. He criticized the colonial historiography which says modern history starts from European renaissance. The basics of this civilization had been laid down by Islam from 6th to 16th century when Europe was in darkness. And the reason of downfall of this ummath is because of the division of ‘Deen’ and ‘duniya’ and limiting Deen into a collection of rituals. He emphasized the students and youths to hard work in the best possible manner in this regard. He pointed out with an aura of pride that instead of celebrating ‘Eid meelad-un-Nabi’ in traditional sense. SIO believe in the re-reading of Prophet(PNUH) according to time and space and spreading the message of social engagement of Islam.

Shahnawaz Ali Raihan (National Secretary, SIO of India) convened the whole program. Film ”Islam:Empire of Faith” was screened on the occasion.

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