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“Fame is Amitabh Bachhan,success is Mahatma Gandhi” –Mahesh Bhatt in SIO Workshop on Film Making

 In his speech famous Film Maker  Mahesh Bhatt  said   courage must be the asset of film maker and through nourishing the childhood talent of  expressing thought,innocent form of pictorial reporting, courage to speak out should be the foundation of our journey to silver screen.He alleged not only Bollywood but Media also ignoring its role to cover issues which is associated with the interest of common man.Bhatt also mentioned  ”There is difference  between fame and success.Fame is Amitabh bachhan,success is Mahatma Gandhi.” Noted Documentary Film Maker Anand Patwardhan participated with the delegates in an interaction session after the screening of his documentary on nuclear proliferation ‘War and Peace’.He shared his experience of facing obstacles during making film on socio-political issues and  elaborated the role of state to discourage screening of such films in national TV channels which focus on topics which is not in favor of govt. Prof B Diwaker taught the delegates about the film genres, editing while script-writer Mushahid Pasha spoke on the art of scriptwriting.

 Cinematographer Rafey Mahmood presented his lecture on the topic “The language of Camera”. Famous Bollywood director Kundan Shah focused on the changing character of Bollywood where popular taste replaced creativity. In his welcome address SIO National Secretary Shahnawaz Ali Raihan asked the participants to use the tools of film-making to spread truth and raise social issues for public awareness.SIO General Secretary Abdur Rafique encouraged the delegates to learn skills of film-making and contribute in the betterment of humanity through this medium. “From a long period Muslim Community was in doubt about utilizing this medium of Film-Making.Now its time for SIO activists to enter in this field and show a vibrant cultural activism” — SIO former National President Bishruddin Sharqi told in his speech.Delegates participated in this workshop from different part of India.

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