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“Culture, Science and Violence”

“Culture, science and violence a Quranic approach” is an academic study by Dr. Obaidullah Fahad which analyze in-depth the Islamic concept and ideological necessity of utilizing these tools. The author clears the doubt that may arise from the title itself in the introduction. He says “culture, science and violence – the varying and complementing ingredients of a dynamic collective life- are defined as interdependent and something intermingled entities in the chapter al Hadid (57: Quran). He explains the whole discussion on the base of this surah itself. He draws the basic features, characters and scope of culture, science and violence in the Islamic civilization. He argues that the connotations of bayyinat, kitab, mizan, qist, hadid and ghayb of 25th verse of surah.

The concept of culture and aesthetics should base on the basic principles of Islamic values. It is not confined in fine arts, literature and poetry; it covers all the aspects of human life.

The culture develops from the freedom of expression. Islamic culture directs this freedom in the right path. It should reflect the concept khalifathullah. It should look after peace, equality and harmony of the society. Islamic culture has been the forerunner of science and technology; awakening and advancement rooted in this dynamism. 

The author discussed the gender equality and Islam in a full-fledged chapter itself. An interesting and detailed discussion on the terminologies of quran, qawwam and fadilah concludes agreeing iniquity of feminine and masculine characters but equality in the responsibilities of each.

The second part of the book deals with science and its discourse with Quran. The author presents this chapter on the bases of a study on Sayid Qutub’s views.

Quran as the book of guidance, it is a torch in the darkness of paganism and polytheism that does enlighten the mind and soul of mankind. It is the criterion for right and wrong it mainly does differentiate between lawful and unlawful, good and bad and permissible and no permissible. And the directions of Quran provoked the thinking on the things around man. This fruited in the Islamic history and contributed to different branches of science.

The last part of the discussion divided into two chapters which is related violence. The first of the two deals with the true meaning of jihad and the second on the topic violence and the Quranic irhab. He scholarly addressed this controversial issue and discussed it deeply by analyzing the modern Islamic scholars.

The author mainly concentrates on modern discourse on jihad and violence. He analyzes the orientalist approach and also the opinion modern scholars like Abul Aala Moududi and others.

The book deals the issues on concept of addressing a plural society like India is the exclusive feature. It extents its hands to the last end which Islam allows which may call as liberal. The very needy discussion on ideological back for the cultural intervention is provided by this great work.


Culture, science and violence the Quranic approach

Dr. Obaidullah Fahad

Jnanada Prakashan, New Delhi

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