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Protest against legalizing homosexuality

minalizes homosexuality. The rally was started from Haji Mohd Mohsin Square which is located near the state office of SIO to the Metro Channel near Esplanade. More than 500 students from across the neighboring districts of Kolkata took part to stand against this inhuman practice. Holding placards, they chanted vibrating slogans to mark homosexuality as both anti-natural and anti-human. Central Secretary Br. S. A. Raihan, Zonal President Br. Sarwar Hasan, and JIH State Secretary Moshihur Rahaman addressed the gathering of energetic student community. Among the other dignitaries, Ex-ZP Md. Nuruddin, Columnist Sayed Ali, Editor of weekly Qalam A. H. Imran were present. The message of the convention was communicated to the government in particular and public at large through the unbreakable arguments of the speakers. Br. Raihan spoke to the media saying the harmful effects of such an evil practice.

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