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Program on History and current scenario of Palestine by SIO Mumbra

Mumbai – On 25th November 2012, a Program was organized by SIO-Mumbra Unit at Tanwar Nagar Pocket-Masjid Al-Aqsa after Namaaz-e-Isha to create an awareness regarding so far and the present Scenario in Palatine along with the History behind.

Program started with the Recitation of Quran Surah Al-Bakra by Br. Parvez Khan (Developer, National Websites – SIO) followed by its translation in Urdu. After which the Discussion was leaded by Br. Hamidullah Shaikh (President, SIO Mumbra) which began with the location of Palestine on this Earth and history of Jews and the trials by Allah (S.W.T.) on them during the Prophet Hood ship of Musa (P.B.U.H) quoted in Quran.

After a Concise discussion, Br. Hamidullah Shaikh showed a Video Documentary on projector created by Late Mr. James Miller (British journalist) on how these Jews conspicuously torture and unnecessarily shoots our innocent Muslim Brothers and Sisters not only during days but also during night while everyone is asleep. Br. Hamidullah Shaikh explained different situations in that documentary. The Journalist even interviewed some Muslim Palestinian kids who lost their whole Family is such illegal acts but have very vast goals of making their Nation Free from this conspiracy and how they secretly contribute for same.

With the end of documentary, Br. Hamidullah Shaikh (concluded the program raising a genuine question – “what must be our contribution being here, away from our those Muslim brothers and sisters…???” To which mob replied for lots of Duas and to Create awareness among our friends and brothers here regarding Palestine. Also to be conscious and not to take any step that may lead to any fatal condition, especially with Social Networking sites, SMSes and Phone calls.

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