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Prize Distribution Ceremony for IFC Mumbra

Mumbra – 16 Dec 2012: SIO Mumbra has successfully organized a Prize Distribution Ceremony for Mumbra IFC-Islamic Friends Circle associates to honor their achievements in various events conducted during WIC 2012-Winter Islamic Camp 2012.
Ceremony held at one of SIO’s Well-wishers Private Garden near Kalsekar College in which IFC associates were welcomed along with their parents. Program began with the recitation of Quran by Hafiz Fazal Ansari (IFC Mumbra Associate). Later associates showed some creative Performances like Br. Rafey Attar and Br. Arshad Shiakh (IFC Mumbra Associate) read Tarana and Br. Umar Khan (IFC Mumbra Associate) and Group did Drama related to Bani Israil community which do righteous deeds and also stop people from evil.
Associates offer Namaaz-e-Asar and Magrib with Jamaat. Br. Habib (ZAC-Member Maharashtra south zone) delivered speech on IFC Introduction after which prizes were distributed among associates. Br. Muqassir (SIO Member-Parbhani) taught associates the art of Tarana even read one beautiful Tarana for associates.
All enjoyed snacks and after little enjoyment at garden prize distribution ceremony came to end with the grace of almighty Allah.


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