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Peaceful Protest against Israel By Sio Kota Rajasthan

A Massive Peaceful Protest was held on 17th july by SIO kota(Raj.) and supported by GIO & JIH against atrocious Israel condemning brutal and escalating Israel attacks on Gaza calling for end to the Israeli air strikes on Gaza which killed Hundreds of innocents so far including children and women, and thousands have been injured.

Saiful Islam told aforementioned objectives and appealed people to join this protest in support of humanity that one need not to be a Muslim to stand against brutal acts one just need to be Human. Br. Mutallib Mirza (President SIO Raj.) appealed Govt. to break their silence and end country’s relation with outrageous Israel. He also revealed the truth about Israel and Palestine conflict saying how Israel Govt. have been destroying Palestine from years. Br. Imran Khan(District Organizer SIO Kota) carried placards and shouted slogans condemning UAE, KSA, US, UNO and Israel, and supporting sufferers of Palestine. He also provided assurity that SIO wil always raise voice and wil stand against any barbaric and brutal acts. SIO kota Unit President Br. Suhail Mirza thanked all who joined and supported in Protest.

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