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Newly Elected President of SIO India

The 4 days long All India ZAC in Aurangabad ended with the announcment of New Central Leadership for Students Islamic Organisation of India. Br. Muhammad Azharuddin from Maharashtra was elected as the National President of the organisation for the term 2011-12.

The Central team was also announced thereafter.

General Secretary:  Swaliah PM Kerala

Other secretaries

1. Shoukhat Ali (Karnataka)- Campus Sec.

2. Arshad Hussain (Gujarat) – Organising Sec

3. Shoiab (Goa) – Public Relations Sec.

4. Shariq Ansar (Jharkand)- Expansion Sec.


Central Advisory Council (CAC)

1. PM Salih (Kerela)

2. Shibli Arsalan (Bihar)

3. Sibghatullah Husaini (AP)

4. Khan Yasir (Delhi)

5. Omair Anas (Delhi)

6. Shahnawaz Ali (JMI)

7. Ansar Abubakar (AMU)

8. Shoukat Ali K (Karnataka)

9. Ashar Waheed (TN)

10. Musab Iqbal (Karnataka)

11. Atif Ismaeel (AP)

12. Syed Arif Ali (Rajasthan)

13. FazlurRahman Qureshi (AP)

14. Muhammad Bilal (Karnataka)

15. Mujahidul Islam (Karnataka)

after apointment of GS, PK Sadik (Kerala) was elected as CAC member in the place of PM Salih (Kerala).

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