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New National Appointments

New Delhi (3.07.11): Looking at the geographical distribution of Members, concentration of SIO members in some states and scarcity in some states lead to appointment of New National Expansion and Consolidation Secretaries.

Following are Newly appointed Secretaries.

1. Arif Ali (Rajasthan)

2. Asif Ali (Karnataka)

3. Irshad Hussain (Bihar)


While other appointments

1.Nazirul Hasan Falahi as Deeni Madaris Organizer.

2.Razaul Tahvildar as North east Organiser


Due to Br. Arif Ali (zonal Prez of Rajasthan) being appointed National Secretary, The state election of Rajasthan revealed Abdul Mutallib Mirza as New ZP.


May Allah Give Stability to all to excel in his field.


Report (Via Teletalk with National President)




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