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Nationa conference on “Education for sustainable Development”

Education and development goes hand in hand, without education there cannot be any development. In today’s time we see that there is an explosion of knowledge and development, and at an exponential rate all the resources of the world are being utilized for the sole purpose of development without thinking about the future generations, it is at this point that the concept of sustainable development comes. Understanding the grave importance of this issue Department of studies in education, university of Mysore, Mysore and SIO Karnataka organized a National conference on Education for Sustainable Development on the 27th and 28th March 2014.

The conference took its flight at 10 30am on 27th March by an invocation in Sanskrit by the Students of University of Mysore. The dignitaries present in the inaugural function were: the Registrar of University of Mysore, Mr. Basvaraju, Dr. Ningamma C Betsur (HOD DOS in Edu.), Dr. Banjgere Jayprakash (President, kannada pusthaka praadhikara govt. of Karnataka), Mr. Thouseef Ahmed (Zonal president, SIO Karnataka) and Prof. K Yeshodhara (Dean).

In the welcome note to the gathering Dr. Ningamma C Betsur explained the need for the sustainable development and brought out the aims and objectives of the National Conference, she also appreciated the efforts of SIO Karnataka in organizing this Conference. After the welcome note the conference was inaugurated in an innovative way by watering a sapling by the dignitaries, as a mark of care and love towards the environment. In the inaugural address the honorable registrar spoke on various issues which were combating education like commercialization of education, the depleting standards in education and inequality in education. Dr. Banjgere Jayprakash in his address to the gathering spoke on common education for all, bringing out the differences present in the rural and urban part of our country; he also criticized our present education system saying that it is catering the needs of MNCs and he also said that unless we don’t work for removing the inequality present in our education system we won’t be able to achieve sustainability in it. Followed by Dr.Jayprakash address was the address by Chief Guest of the gathering, Mr. Thouseef Ahmed, he started his address by a brief description of the activities of SIO Karnataka in the field of education, he continued his address by emphasizing on the deficiencies present in schools like unavailability of toilets, lack of infrastructure and the alarming decline of teachers in primary sector. Stressing on quality of education he also brought to the notice of the gathering the issue of communalization of textbook which is a serious threat to the existence of peace and harmony in our society. In the keynote address Prof K Yashodhara defined Sustainable development and gave a brief description of various themes of the conference, she put her much focus on the thought that, we should THINK GLOBALLY AND ACT LOCALLY, concluding the inaugural function vote of thanks was given by Dr. Sarvamangala.

During these two days a total of 120 papers were presented which included research papers, thematic papers and poster presentations. These papers were presented under five broad themes namely Teacher Education, Higher Education, Value Based Education, Science and technology and Cultural Diversity all in the context of sustainable development. For each theme presentation a resource person from the specialized field was called who explained the theme in detail with reference to sustainable development. After every theme presentation parallel sessions were held for the presentations of papers in which people from various backgrounds participated, sharing their thoughts and ideas on the concept of Sustainable development.

In the valedictory function on 28th march 2014 Dr. G Sheela welcomed the gathering and congratulated everyone on the successful completion of the National Conference. Mr. Ashfaq Ahmed, President SIO of India gave the valedictory address. In his address to the gathering he called for redefining education in the context of moral values, his much focus was on the degeneration of morality from our education system and he asked the gathering to reflect and ponder upon our education system as to where it is taking us?? He concluded his talk by giving an introduction of SIO of India, its mission and presented a brief description of the activities of SIO throughout India. His address was followed by sharing of views about the conference by two of the delegates, where both the delegates applauded the efforts of Department of studies in education, university of Mysore and SIO Karnataka for organizing such a marvelous conference on such an important topic. Prizes were given for best research paper, best thematic paper and for best poster presentation. Prof K Yashodhara addressed the gathering and said that sustainable development is not a separate part of education and it doesn’t need any separate department, she said that sustainable development is an integral part of education. Dr. M Latha briefly presented a conference report giving a summary of the activities of the two days of conference. In the concluding remarks Dr. Ningamma C Betsur stressed the importance of such conferences and with utmost gratitude she thanked the gathering for making the National Conference a success and to conclude the national conference in a formal way a vote of thanks was given by Ms. M Pushpa.

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