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Nation Diverted by Rising Intolerance, Government must peep into its policies

New Delhi: Growing intolerance is a danger sign for future India, where government had adopted the policy of Development on one side and on other, it supports growing intolerance by maintaining silence on the violent acts and justifying it as an accidents’.

Whether it is Throwing of ink on Surendra Kulkarni in Mumbai and on J&K MLA Rashid in Delhi or Killing of Professor M M Kalburgi, Akhlak in Dadri and Burning of two daughters in Faridabad is rejected as not the matters of state, clearly signifies that today’s government is not much serious about the rising polarization, and are failing to run the state and provide basic security of life and shelter for their citizens.

The economy is damaging tremendously with high inflations and Renowned Writers, film-makers and scientists are returning their lifetime achievements awards, Many institutions are positioned with RSS karsevaks to ease the process of policy execution clearly shows that The nation is tending towards NEO Fascism where instead of State emergency, there is social-cultural emergency imposed on the people of India and each day it is clearing a way for state emergency.

SIO of India Appeal people of Nation to combat this growing threat which isnot merely a threat to minorities and plural culture of this nation, but it is going to engineer a neo fascist India where the power hungers irrespective of their cast crushes the powerless and weak.

National president Mr. Iqbal Hussain appreciated for the best possible condemnation of Writers , filmmakers and scientists by returning their life time achievement awards and make people understand the threat on freedom of expression and liberty which is guaranteed by unamendable fundamentals’ of Indian constitution.

Today, more than any external threat India is facing internal problems of rising disparities in every walk of life which is a great danger for future of our nation. therefore the elected politicians should feel their responsibility and own to harmonize the situation in favor of people India and show that they are true nationalist otherwise by emotional speeches and high commitments no situation can be changed.

SIO of India demands central government to immediately intervene in all the matters of target killing, mob lynching, communal riots, and other hate spreading activities as a matter of state emergency and resolve on a fast-track judicial process so that the growing polarization could be controlled.


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