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Local Leaders Camp of SIO Gujarat


Local Organisers and Local Presidents (LO-LPs) Camp was organized on 21st and 22nd February,  2015 at IRC office, Baroda. The purpose of the camp was to explain policy and program of SIO for the term 2015.

The program started with the ‘Lesson from Quran’ by Shoqat Indori (Ameer-e-Muqami, Baroda).  Later all the Unit Presidents shared their vision about their units.  After this, State Leaders explained SIO policy and program for the term 2015-16.

Br. Umar Mansuri (IFC Organiser) spoke on Importance of Islamic Friend Circle and Br. Kalim Ansari (PR Organiser) on “PR work,Why and How?”.  A special message  on the subject of “Our response in contemporary situation” was conveyed by Sohel Sachora (Ex. Zonal Secretary of SIO Gujarat).

Br. Nazeerul Hasan Falahi (National Secretary, SIO of India) on the topic  “Li-ya-tafaqqahu-fiddeen” stated to promote a culture of study and deliberation among cadre for their ideological stability. He also shared some points on Organisational Culture.

In concluding session Br. Javed Shaikh (Zonal Secretary, SIO Gujarat) spoke on “Demands from Units-Circle”. After this Br. Vaseef Hussain (Zonal President, SIO Gujarat) motivated the participants to gear up for various challenges and reminded them of their responsibility as Leaders and urged that It is our individual responsibility to understand that Tazkiya is his need and take practical steps for its and Ijtimaiyat is responsible to provide a collective environment and motivation to individuals for Tazkiya.

The two day program concluded by presidential speech of Br. Nazeerul Hasan Falahi (National Secretary, SIO of India)


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